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Latisha and Jamison Armstrong

Correction to: Peace on our walk through life (May 19, 2013)

Prayer Request:
=13pxFirst just want to give God Praise and glory for this day and may others for we are truely blessed. It is so easy to forget how blessed you truely are and who you are in Christ when the world starts to comsume you. So I add this, Prayer for Jamison and I to have peace and understanding as one, for love that can over come anything that we may face, for us to continue to Put God first in all we do and to continue to keep faith in him as well as in each others and in our self. Let us stand firm in His word as a family and on our own. Keep us strong in your word, Lord, so we will continue to love on each other as well as our son and the other little one's to come as Christ Loved me. To continue teaching them about youLord and your word as they will teach and show us the ways of your word too, Lord.. Lord enable us to be able to just sit down and have a amazing conversation about you, Lord, and all that you do because you deserve it Lord and I feel that will also bring us closer together, strong as a couple and as a family just by glorifying you. Lord keep our home in your protective armor continue to light the way for us and help us to deliever your message Lord ( that we can do nothing on our own, only that (we) can do all things through Christ that strenghtens me) and together Glorifying you Lord we can do great things. In Jesus Name AMEN

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