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Lift the cloak of deception (Oct 31, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Please share this prayer with every Christian you know. I have tried to spread the warning to God's faithful but the emperors of Google block me from contacting very many congregations. I am but one concerned Grandmother fighting against techno-billionaires.Heavenly Father, hear our prayer for we are in a most desperate hour. The anti-Christ's you forewarned of have arrived, they are plotting their final conquest and Your Faithful flock needs the Strength of their Shepherd. The predators that threaten us are many and are powerful: Elon Musk; third-world child abuser, entitled by blood stained wealth, a son of incest and apathy, his inflated ego, seeking attention from the masses, speaking blasphemy and calling himself Jesus.Peter Thiel; the perverse, the psychopathic, the autocratic, proud and defiant in the face of humanity, a German born invader, his companion a heartless investment banker.Matt Danzeisen; Thiel's husband, a money changer dedicated to growing his wife's, Peter, personal fortune, he buys houses for their portfolio at the expense of our children, our families and our neighbors having access to an affordable home.Blake Masters; Thiel's personal protege, failed writer, he seeks to destroy the old and decrepit, end social programs for the elderly, all to increase his net-worth, a tithe paid to his master Peter Thiel.JD Vance; an alias to conceal the truth, hiding his interracial marriage, he is a two-faced and hypocritical, enriching himself with Peter Thiel's donations, ones they tried to hide from the public.Mehmet Oz; the Turk, murdered dogs, concealed his islamic beliefs, concerned only with popularity and enlarging his fortune, whatever the cost. And the many state and local candidates that Peter Thiel and his greed have corrupted. Lord, please spare us the greed of such men. Your faithful are weak and many will fall victim to these anti-Christs lies and deception if you do not intercede with Your Glory and Justice Everlasting. Amen. Thank you and God Bless.

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