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Charles Lawshé, Jr.
Title: Overseer and Founder
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Biography of Pastor Charles Lawshé

When asked what she thought about the ministry of Glory to God Kingdom Fellowship Church, a twenty year old member stated that she is receiving spiritual feeding, that she now finds herself in a life of prayer, (having regular conversations with God, as opposed to prayer as a ritual). She said that she is now aware of an active and living relationship with the Lord, and she feels that the leadership adds positive value to her understanding of her life. She also said that she knows that the Holy Ghost leads and guides her successfully through her days and nights. This response is a testimony to work of love that the Lord has called Charles Lawshé to do.

Pastor Lawshé has provided transitory housing to the homeless, as well as prayer, counsel support and encouragement to many. He is often found serving by ministering to and interceding on behalf of other ministers. He has under-girded many other churches, ministries and lay persons as co-laborers in the work of the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Lawshé has been led of God to establish a new church family, based on Biblical principles and according to the vision that God has given him to lead repentant sinners into saving relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ; to teach about the importance of, and to lead believers into, being filled with the Holy Ghost, so that they will have powerful and victorious testimonies; to teach the people of God so they will have knowledge; and to lead the people according to the vision that God has given so they will not perish. Pastor Lawshé received his call to Pastor in the fall of 2004, although it had been prophetically uttered by several believers over the course of his life. Charles mentors and coaches in basketball and uses this forum as a tool to witness and nurture young men and women in wise counsel.

The Lawshes have studied at the Shepherd's School at the Grow to Go Christian Center, (formerly St. Louis Christian Center under Pastor Alfred Harvey), the Remnant Bible College under the tutelage of Pastors Lozell and Sonya Stiles, and at the Trinity Mt. Carmel Ministerial Institute under Pastor Charles Roach. The Lawshés are also members of the World Harvest Church Ministerial Alliance, under the leadership of Pastor Rod Parsley, (Columbus, Ohio).

The Lawshés have two birth sons, Nicholas and Christopher; several godsons; Darrian and Dexter Smith, Joshua Harris and Jamison Armstrong ; and a host of other Kingdom family members.