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Florence Lawshé
Title: Pastor and Co-Founder
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Biography of Florence R. Lawshé

 In 2009, the Lord led Florence to go on a fast on behalf of a young sinner who needed help and whose soul needed saving. Little did she know that the Lord was also using this fast to prepare her for a move of Himself that she had no idea was about to manifest. She began the fast on Saturday, January 24 and continued through Friday, March 13. This was exactly 49 days of fasting, which the Lord only just revealed is seven times seven; seven is the Lord’s number of completion, and He multiplied completion seven times in a mighty move. During this time of fasting, many unexpected shifts and situations took place in the spiritual realm and in the natural realm, which only served to release Florence and her husband, Charles, into their prophetic destiny; the birthing of Glory To God Kingdom Fellowship Church.

Florence Lawshé was called to the office of Evangelist in 2003. Florence primarily operated and experienced great ministry training as co-founder of a music ministry group called Affinity and Voices of Love. Florence worked with the group as they traveled, recorded and sang at many events from 1997 until 2000, when the Lord released her to “cater to Him”.

In 1998, the Lawshés founded a non-profit organization called FRESHH, Incorporated, (For Reaching Everybody for the Savior in His Holy Name). It was started as the ministry vehicle for Florence’s musical endeavors, but it has since been restructured several times and chartered as a 501 C3 organization. FRESHH will be a co-ministry that will function in tandem with Glory To God Kingdom Fellowship Church.

The Lawshes have studied at the Shepherd's School at the Grow to Go Christian Center, (formerly St. Louis Christian Center under Pastor Alfred Harvey), the Remnant Bible College under the tutelage of Pastors Lozell and Sonya Stiles, and at the Trinity Mt. Carmel Ministerial Institute under Pastor Charles Roach. The Lawshés are also members of the World Harvest Church Ministerial Alliance, under the leadership of Pastor Rod Parsley, (Columbus, Ohio).

Florence often finds herself ministering and interceding on behalf of other ministers. God sometimes unctions her to go into spiritual warfare on behalf of His Saints. Florence preaches and teaches the Word of God in a relevant and revealing manner. She and her Husband have undergirded many churches, ministries, ministers and lay people as co-laborers in the work of the Kingdom.