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Be Alert to your turning.... Be Alert to your turning....

   Discussion: Be Alert to your turning....
Pastor Lawshe (anon) · 8 years, 10 months ago

Good Day,

Have you every meditated about your turning from the old man, and your journey into your new life, in your new man? Please look in Ephesians chapter 4 it speaks of our change from the old into the new. We must embrace the wonderful, glorious change that is our Holy Ghost experience and never let satan reverse our new life with Christ. Now, this change is a everlasting move to not return in any form, spirit or thought in turning back to things that keep you bound to the old you. It is a horrible thing to say I have changed and you still use old ways to deal with new places and situations. We as human beings are creatures that get use to doing what makes us comfortable. That would be wonderful if it kept you from considering what should be dead, however, because we are creatures of habit we "lean to our own understanding and in no way acknowledge Him." Be spiritually mindful of not turning back to the ways of old or to keep things that keep you bound to the dead things that the Lord has told you that no longer exist in your life. Don't block or miss your blessings because you are comfortable with something from your childhood or from a place where you have been hurt. Deliverance is yours if you trust the Lord. If you trust the Lord, his will direct your path. He promised that he "would be light unto your path and a lamp unto your feet." that means he will show you the way and let you see the direction in which you are going.

While my wife and I were walking into what is now Glory To God Kingdom Fellowship Church, we were in a service and the pastor on the floor said, "God has you on a journey with no map, all you have is a compass and that compass is Jesus." Many of us are on a new journey into the promises of God, through his Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It is never comfortable, however, is assured that "no weapon formed against us will prosper." This in an affirmation that we who walk in faith will finish with good success. Spend your time looking toward Jesus and in faith, trust him and the word, Gods' promises are sure and never fail. Whatever challenges you are facing, whatever trials you are going through, whatever you think that is impossible or that will be difficult, remember the only way to make it through and know that it is real is to stay where God placed you, he would only put you in a place that assures us victory and to God be the Glory!!!!! Do not be like Lot's wife and turn to look back at what God has said leave and never look back. BE BLESSED!!!

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