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Robert (anon) · 9 years, 3 months ago

Pray when anyone steps on Lorraines property high on drugs they will feel unbearable itching all over their bodies every second they are on Lorraines property.Pray the itching only stops when they step foot off Lorraine property.

Admin Back · 9 years, 2 months ago

In faith, please read the Holy Bible in Isaiah 54:17; "No weapon formed against you shall prosper...". This is one of God's promises for those of us who are born again servants of the Lord. By praying the scriptures out loud you are speaking God's will for your life into existence. Sure, He can hear you if you pray silently, but it is Him hearing the spoken Word that makes Him move in your behalf. Hearing the Word is what causes your faith to rise, not just reading it. There is power in the spoken Word.

Also, we suggest that you do not pray for negative things to happen to people, even though they may be caught in sin. Pray that the Lord will put a hedge of protection around Lorraine's property so that no one will even want to come there will ill intentions. And if you are a Believer, always pray to the Father in Jesus' name. He will answer prayer. We can touch and agree with you on this. If you are not saved and do not attend a Bible teaching a church, please seek the Lord for salvation and a church home.

Pastor Lawshe (anon) · 9 years, 2 months ago
We must stay close to God through his son Jesus Christ. We say we love the Lord and we do things against his word and will. Thanks be unto God for His son Jesus. Are you doing what the scripture says? None of us are perfect, however, we must work diligently to stay connect to our Lord. Do you pray before reading or studying your scripture? Do you wait for God to answer or do you keep on doing what you think is next. Do you enter the worship place with praise and thanksgiving? I your answer is no to either of these questions, you are already out of order and not doing what is in the word. Are you thanking God in Jesus name or are you asking in Jesus name? Remember these are the foundational things we are to do to even begin what the Lord is requiring us to to. When seperate from Jesus by not knowing and recognizing the true relationship required, we are not connected so then satan can get all up into your spirit and space. I ask that you read John 15:1-8 know what your relationship is to be as a born again Christian.

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