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Moving Forward Embracing Change Moving Forward Embracing Change

   Discussion: Moving Forward Embracing Change
Admin · 8 years, 5 months ago

Glorious and Joyous New Year, this is the time for rejoicing and in prepared readiness to embrace change. The Lord has issued a mandate that we embrace change. It has been centuries that God has told us to embrace change. If you look at all the stories and parables of our Lord Jesus Christ; change has been in the processes for us all. To embrace change keeps us from being set and stuck in tradition. Tradition has keep us enslaved to religion and we as born again believers were set free by Jesus Christ. (John 8:36) So be blessed today and go back to the place he put you when you received your Born Again/Holy Ghost infilling and experience. Remember the freedom and cleansing you felt. Remember the newness of your vision, sight, touching and discernment. Remember the first drink of water after the experience that changed you; how about the way food tasted? That freedom is to continue into eternity, are you still free? Remember the day and embrace the change that God intended for you. Have a Blessed, Joyous and Prosperous New Year in Christ.

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